Improving Education From Cradle to Career

JB knows how important it is to provide a good education for our children, that’s why he has made improving Illinois’ underfunded education system one of his top priorities.  From expanded access to early childhood education to raising teacher salaries to making college more affordable, JB is working to correct the failures of previous administrations.

Early Education

Before becoming Governor, JB was a national leader in supporting early childhood education and he has continued that effort as Governor.

  • Expanded child care assistance eligibility to 10,000 more children
  • Strengthened early childhood education and child care with the biggest investment ever in Illinois into early childhood programs and facilities

K-12 Education

When he came into office, state funding for education was nearly the worst in the nation but JB is working to finally turn that around.

  • Provided historic funding levels for K-12 students across the state
  • Raised the minimum salary for teachers
  • Expanded skills development with new investments in vocational training in high school

College Affordability

Previous administrations cut funding for universities, resulting in higher tuition and fewer Illinois children able to attend college.  JB has reversed that by expanding scholarships and increasing funding for universities and community colleges.

  • 10,000 students were helped by expanding in-state scholarships
  • 40% more merit scholarships for high-achieving college-bound students
  • 5% more funding to restore and stabilize public universities and community colleges after years of neglect

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