JB’s Priorities for Protecting the Environment

Illinois deserves clean air, clean water, and a safe environment where all communities can thrive.  Unfortunately, under Bruce Rauner our environment is under assault. His 736-day manufactured budget crisis defunded state agencies dedicated to the protection of our environment. Rauner proposed scrapping pollution limits designed to ensure clean air and water. And when Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement, Bruce Rauner remained silent, refusing to join other states in committing to this important accord.

Unlike Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner, I stand on the side of science and believe climate change is real. The transition to a clean energy economy has already begun, and Illinois will be left behind if we don’t act. As governor, I will bring all stakeholders to the table to put Illinois on a path toward 100% clean, renewable energy and make sure that every community justly benefits during this transition.

Additionally, I will invest in clean water infrastructure, expand energy efficiency efforts, and support the agencies that protect our environment.  Most importantly, I will honor the Paris Climate agreement and join the U.S. Climate Alliance.

Here are my priorities:

  • Put Illinois on a path toward 100% clean, renewable energy and attract commercial investment in clean energy production and transmission here in Illinois.
  • Protect clean water and air by investing in clean water infrastructure and expanding energy efficiency efforts.
  • End the Rauner era of neglect by prioritizing expertise within state environmental agencies including IDNR, IEPA, and the Illinois Environmental Justice Commission.
  • Stand up to Donald Trump’s attacks on our environment and join the U.S. Climate Alliance to uphold the provisions of the Paris Agreement.
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