JB’s Priorities for Protecting Immigrant Families

Illinois is home to 1.8 million immigrants, including about 450,000 undocumented residents and 42,000 DACA recipients. They are our neighbors and a critical part of our state, contributing to the culture and the economy that make Illinois a great place to live.

Unlike Bruce Rauner, I won’t stand idly by while Donald Trump tries to separate children from their parents and attacks the foundations of our American values. I will resist his attempts to build a wall along our southern border, eliminate DACA, and end Temporary Protected Status for people from El Salvador, Haiti, and Nicaragua.

Immigrant families want the same thing my great-grandfather did when he came to the United States: safety, freedom, and the opportunity to build a better life. As governor, I will support our immigrant families and speak out against xenophobia, racism, and injustice because every Illinois family deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

As governor, I will work hand-in-hand with students, advocates, and elected officials to improve educational opportunities, increase healthcare options, and foster economic opportunity for immigrant youth and their families.

JB will fight to protect immigrant families:

  • Stand against Donald Trump’s attacks on Dreamers and fight for a permanent, legislative solution for DACA recipients to stay in this country and pursue the American dream.
  • Enforce the Illinois TRUST Act and support local efforts to create welcoming communities for immigrant families across our state.
  • Prohibit Illinois from participating in a Muslim registry or any federal registry program based on race, color, ancestry, national origin, or religion.
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