Kennedy Tries to Hide His Opposition to Marijuana Legalization

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


On Legalizing Marijuana, A Clear Difference Between Pritzker and Kennedy


Chicago, IL – At last night’s debate, JB Pritzker highlighted his commitment to legalizing marijuana while Chris Kennedy desperately attempted to hide his opposition to the commonsense policy.

In the past, Kennedy has called legalization a “public health hazard” and claimed further scientific research was necessary before legalization, despite the harmful impact the policy continues to have on communities of color. While Kennedy went out of his way to imply otherwise last night, his opposition to marijuana has been steadfast throughout his campaign.

“Despite his attempts to mislead voters last night, Chris Kennedy has been firm in his opposition to legalizing marijuana throughout his flailing campaign,” said Pritzker communications director Galia Slayen. “This issue is too important and the impact on Illinois communities too severe for Chris Kennedy to distort where he really stands on legalization.”


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