JB’s Commitment to LGBTQ Rights

My mother was an LGBTQ activist during the mid-1970’s in San Francisco. She instilled in me a spirit of inclusivity and respect for the humanity of all people. That’s why I’ve been a staunch advocate for LGBTQ rights my entire life. I marched in the Chicago Pride Parade long before it was a celebration, but instead was a protest march. And 20 years before it was legal, MK and I hosted a gay wedding in our backyard not to make a statement, but because Stephen and Dale were our friends and were in love.

We have made historic strides towards equality in Illinois, but we still have a long way to go. Especially today as Donald Trump threatens to undermine the civil rights of LGBTQ people and Bruce Rauner remains silent. Rauner’s 736-day manufactured budget crisis threatened the lives of LGBTQ people by cutting critical funding for HIV testing and prevention and by gutting homeless youth services, substance abuse services, and mental health services all critically important to LGBTQ people. We need a governor who will restore stability and defend the rights of every person in Illinois.

My administration will fight hate wherever it occurs in our state by rooting out bullying in our schools and enforcing workplace nondiscrimination laws. I will work with the legislature to pass annual budgets that invest in social service agencies that address the unique challenges facing the LGBTQ community. When I’m governor, the LGBTQ community won’t just have a seat at the table, they will be equal partners in the fight to make equality a lived reality for all.

JB will fight for LGBTQ rights:

  • Address the rise of anti-LGBTQ hate crimes, particularly against the transgender community, and work to root out LGBTQ bullying in our schools.
  • Pass annual budgets that restore stability to our social service agencies and fund programs for homeless youth, mental health, and HIV prevention, testing and treatment.
  • Expand healthcare so that LGBTQ residents have access to affordable healthcare options that meet their medical needs.
  • Build an administration that represents the diversity of our state with LGBTQ individuals hired or appointed across the government and ensure government employees are trained on sexual orientation and gender diversity issues.
  • Oppose legislation that discriminates against LGBTQ residents and fight back against Donald Trump and his party’s bigoted agenda.
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