Making Government Work

Before JB became governor, for over two years a dysfunctional state government couldn’t even pass a budget. Services were cut, schools suffered, and families throughout the state paid the price because of a governor who didn’t get the job done.

Under JB’s leadership, he worked with the legislature to pass a bipartisan state budget that restored critical funding for education, as well as for job training and mental health programs. His efforts are stabilizing the state’s finances and putting us on the path to success. This year, JB continued that progress by putting in place a budget that protected healthcare, education, and public safety while dealing with a global pandemic.

  • Passed a balanced, bipartisan budget that begins to pay down debts from the prior Administration
  • Improved our bond outlook to “stable” for the first time in years
  • Passed a public safety pension consolidation bill to help lower property taxes and reduce future budget pressure
  • Reduced state pension liabilities with an employee pension buyout program

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