JB’s Priorities for Protecting Net Neutrality

The internet is essential to everyday business operations, student learning, and free speech. The Federal Communications Commission’s decision to dismantle net neutrality, the rules that protect the free flow of information online, threatens equal access to the internet. In the absence of federal protections, internet service providers (ISPs) will be able to block website content, manipulate internet speeds, and charge customers extra to utilize certain websites.

Twenty-three state attorneys general, including Illinois, are suing the FCC to preserve net neutrality. Right now, Illinois should be taking actions to ensure that every Illinoisan has unfettered access to the internet. Unfortunately, Bruce Rauner continues to fail families throughout the state by remaining silent while the Trump administration reverses consumer protections and infringes upon free speech.

As governor, I will ensure that all internet traffic is treated equally so that everyone can continue to use the internet to grow their businesses, further their education, and enjoy the freedom of expression.

JB will fight to protect net neutrality:

• Require ISPs that do business with the state to honor net neutrality principles for all customers in Illinois.

• Prohibit those ISPs from blocking content, applications or services, slowing down internet traffic, and providing preferential treatment to certain customers.

• Compel those ISPs to disclose their network management practices and performance.

• Empower the state to hold those ISPs accountable.

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