JB’s Commitment to Women’s Rights

As governor, I will be a tireless advocate for women as I’ve been my entire life. From door-knocking for progressive Democrats with my mother, to marching with NARAL twenty-five years ago, to working to elect pro-choice candidates in Illinois, I’ve fought for women’s rights for decades. I passionately supported HB40 and demanded Bruce Rauner sign this critical legislation because all women should be able to access reproductive healthcare in Illinois regardless of their income. I have also made it a priority to mentor women entrepreneurs and invest in women-owned businesses.

It is unacceptable that today in Illinois women make only 79 cents on the dollar compared to men — and that African American women who make 63 cents and Latina women who make just 54 cents on the dollar are also more likely than other women to live in poverty. Bruce Rauner’s failed policies have hurt women across this state. He imposed drastic cuts to the Child Care Assistance Program, which provides affordable child care to low-income families, three-quarters of which are female-headed single-parent households. Rauner also vetoed the No Salary History bill that would have helped narrow the wage gap by preventing employers from setting salaries based on previous ones. And Rauner’s 736-day manufactured budget crisis threatened access to free breast and cervical cancer screenings for more than 9,000 low-income women.

In Springfield, Juliana and I will continue to stand up for women’s rights. I will fiercely defend women’s healthcare, fight for policies that improve women’s economic well-being, and foster a culture in which sexual harassment is not tolerated. I will also stand up to Donald Trump when he proposes policies that hurt Illinois women, and I will stand with women as we work to root out sexual harassment and discrimination from our society.

JB will fight for women’s rights:

  • Pass annual budgets that restore funding for healthcare services for low-income women, including reproductive and preventive healthcare.
  • Stand up to Donald Trump’s attempts to cut funding for Planned Parenthood and rollback federal protections for women’s healthcare, like access to birth control.
  • Fight for legislation that strengthens equal pay laws and prevents employers from asking about salary history.
  • Support raising the minimum wage to a living wage to help lift up families striving to get into the middle class, especially female-headed single-parent households.
  • Increase access to the Child Care Assistance Program so that working parents can maintain stable employment.
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